Monday, November 4, 2013

STAR Summit....The Flipped Classroom Poll

Welcome to the Introduction of the Flipped Classroom Model!

Thanks for signing up for this workshop! I am a firm believer in the flipped classroom model. I hope you feel that tomorrow you could go back to your classroom and flip the learning! 

Let's get started with Poll Everywhere!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

RCET January Presentation: The Flipped Classroom and Edmodo

Using Edmodo to Flip Your Classroom

There has been a new push for educational learning.....The Flipped Classroom. What is the Flipped Classroom? Is this something that can be done in your classroom? HOW do you start? There is one key component to any Flipped Classroom....a place to post your videos and information, Edmodo! How do these two things work hand and hand? Let's find out how you can flip your classroom for learning by using Edmodo in your classroom.


Flipped Classroom Resources
You Tube

Edudemic....8 Resources for the Flipped Classroom

Scholastic Study Jams

Watch Know Learn

Learn Zillion

Discovery Education

Simple K-12 Teacher Community

RCET January Presentation: Pinterest

Becoming a Pinning Fanatic with Pinterest!

Pinterest is a GREAT place to find just about anything you could use: organization help, fun recipes and drinks, and EDUCATION! You can redesign your room and make an anchor chart by the click of a "pin." Let's learn how you can become a pinning fanatic on Pinterest, and take a fluff piece and turn it into a great teaching moment!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Using Poll Everywhere for Math Lessons

I know that a lot of us know about Poll Everywhere, but have you used it to make your power points interactive? I have just recently been incorporating this great webtool into my Math lessons in class, but have not been brave enough to use the pptx feature. I have so ho hum lessons, and have now jazzed up an improper fractions power point lesson for more engagement and more learning!

It's pretty easy to create a Poll Everywhere power point lesson:
1. Create your polls you want for the lesson. You can create multiple polls from the first original poll question.

2. Check the questions you want to put into the power point and then choose Download the pptx at the top center of the page.

3. This will open a power point generated by Poll Everywhere. I added slides into this for notes and examples I wanted the students to write into their Math journals.
4. The Poll Everywhere questions will then show the generated graph information when the students text in their anwers or join the site.
I am excited to use this Monday in the class to see the level of student engagement. I am ready for the back-up lesson if needed and have the website ready. Always have to be prepared I must say!
Wish me luck!! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! I have been sooooo busy back into the classroom, but I have been really pouring myself into providing quality lessons utilizing technology! In the coming weeks, I will try to post some of the sites we have been using and lessons incorporating these great Web 2.0 tools! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe surfing out there!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pinterest.... Educational Uses of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a great site to find just about ANYTHING you need, but it is a great site to find educational needs for the classroom. I was asked to present on a project my students created from Pinterest finds that were not necessarily educational for 6th graders, but I was determined to tie it to my grade level expectations! is the presentation of my inspiration and a little help from International Dot Day!

Pinterest PDF

Friday, October 19, 2012

Check out our Video for eInstruction!

My 6th grade class is competing in this year's eInstruction "Flip Your Classroom" music video contest. We would love to have your support, likes and VOTES!! Go to and look for our video, "With eInstruction....Learning's Easy." we would appreciate your support!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thinking About the New School Year?

Since deciding to go back to the 6th grade classroom next year, I have been in work mode! I want to switch things up a little, using some of the ideas I shared as Technology Integration Specialist. Using technology will definitely make my life easier these next few months and I want to thank Lori Elliott at Lori's Latest Links for sharing this classroom setup tool from Scholastic. You can design your classroom, add student's names to desks and print out your classroom map! No more drawing!! This is great for me in the fact that I can create my layout, print it out for the custodians and they can put the furniture back in place after the summer cleaning. Thank You Scholastic and thanks Lori for posting this link!!