Friday, August 19, 2011

Need Things for Your Classroom?

Once again it is time to go deep into the pockets to provide extras for your classroom. On average, teachers spend roughly $500 a year out of pocket to enhance supplies and materials in their classroom. Check out a few of the ways you can create a class request to receive a little help with the purchases! Have an idea for a new microscope? Want to see about getting a set of wireless mice for the classroom? Check out and Sonic's Limeades for Learning!

You Sip, Kids Learn

Limeades for Learning is here again! Beginning August 29th, you and your supporters can vote for your project to receive funding at

There are two ways to vote this year:
• Vote once per day per e-mail address at
• Visit a SONIC drive-in starting August 29th and get two extra votes with any SONIC purchase. Vote codes will be provided on the bag sticker and can be entered at
Each week, SONIC will give a total of $120,000 to the projects with the most votes. (Each winning project will receive full funding, or up to $600.)
Make sure your classroom project is submitted in time for the Limeades for Learning kickoff! And here's a friendly tip - the first week of the campaign is the easiest time to get funded, so rally your supporters early!

Voting ends on Friday, September 30, 2011. For more information, please visit the Limeades for Learning FAQ.


Also, in conjunction with Donor's, you may want to check out:

Yahoo! for Funding!

Win up to $600 for your classroom project(s) from Yahoo! through their Homepages for Homerooms program from August 22 - October 16, 2011. Here's how:

  • Log in to your teacher account, and submit a classroom project.
  • Visit, search for your project and click "Support this project".
  • Follow instructions to make Yahoo! your homepage. Each person can take this action once during this campaign. This will earn you one "credit" towards your project.
  • Earn extra credit for your project by answering weekly trivia questions from Yahoo! You'll receive these questions by email after completing the homepage set. Earn one credit towards your project for each correct answer!
  • Spread the word! Ask friends and family to make Yahoo! their homepage in support of your project.
Each week until October 16, Yahoo! will give $25,000 to the projects that earn the most votes through homepage sets and Extra Credits (Each winning project can receive up to $600.)


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