Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Great Sites for Bookmarking Websites for a Lesson or Class Project

There were many times when my students were working on projects or lessons that required them to use websites for additional information. I did not EVER let them Google search, but prepared websites in a folder through ikeepbookmarks. Sometimes it was slow, sometimes it was not available, and sometimes my kiddos thought it would be okay to browse the search through the site! If you are the same, here are three great sites to use to bookmark sites for your students:


Bundlenut allows you to create bundles of links for sites your students will use along with descriptions of those sites. You can then browse the sites with their handy bundle browser. Then the site will give you a URL that can be posted on your class website or blog. The students click on the link and they are in your bundlenut! Creating a free account allows you to be able to edit your bundles when necessary.

Fav 7

fav7 is not a short url site as such... most short url sites just shorten a url which you can share, but what if you need a number of short urls?
You have to create them all manually which in many ways defeats the whole purpose of short urls.
fav7 is different, they offer their users the ability to create a short page which can hold up to seven urls and you only have one link to share.
In additon they also offer you a screenshot of the urls you are about to visit and using WOT’s awesome API they also can tell you how safe the links are and whether you should use caution, so not your typical short url site huh?

Jog the Web

JOG THE WEB is a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites. Its step by step approach of taking viewers through web sites allowing the author to annotate and ask guiding questions for each page is unique. What I like about jog the web is the safety of knowing your students are on the sites within the jog, and you know when they deviate from the page because the toolbar is no longer there.


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