Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Math Sites Other Than Khan Academy

I am always looking for good Math resources and sites to help with my everyday lessons and tutorials for students. Free Tech 4 teachers had a post yesterday or the day before about Math sites other than Khan Academy that provide great instructional video and resources for the Math classroom. is a great site for high school Algebra and Calculus classes. It contains over 600 videos for AP Calculus as well as Algebra I and II. There is also a mobile version too!

Numberphile is a You Tube channel about fun number facts like 998, 001 and it Mysterious Recurring Decimal, Pi and Bouncing Balls, and 1 and Prime Numbers. These are all Math professors and teachers talking about Math! 

Ten Marks is an online tutoring service that offers Math tutoring videos. Some of the lessons include measurement, decimals, fractions, probability, and more!

Math Class with Mr. V is also a You Tube channel that features 7 play lists made by a mathematics teacher teaching lessons on basic Math, geometry and algebra. There are more than 300 video lessons with a lot of problems demonstrated on the whiteboard to show how to solve problems.


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Pretty nice blog,thanks for sharing important sites for maths,maths is very much different subject and require more practice than other subjects,parents should help kids in practicing maths.

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